Mobile Marketing with Michael Becker

Mobile Marketing Expert Michael Becker

Michael Becker, Mobile Marketing Expert

Michael Becker, a mobile marketing expert and evangelist, is on a mission to explain why mobile is essential for marketing and advertising campaigns.

In this second of a two-part podcast interview, Michael discusses mobile marketing’s global growth, research and practical marketing tips.

Michael Becker is a leader, teacher and  entrepreneur in the field of mobile marketing and communications.

As North America Director of the Mobile Marketing Association, he furthers the MMA’s mandate to improve the quality of mobile marketing in the U.S. and Canada. Michael also assists iLoop Mobile, a major mobile marketing firm, as Strategic Adviser.

His books include Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies  and Mobile Marketing for Dummies. Michael is also Editor of the International Journal of Mobile Marketing.

In this second podcast on MobileBeyond, Michael discusses how to launch mobile marketing campaigns for large brands and SMB’s, the unique characteristics of the mobile Internet, creating effective mobile websites and the future of mobile marketing and wireless technology in developed and developing countries.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns for SMB’s

Michael encourages mobile marketers to set realistic expectations about mobile’s impact on their businesses. For example, he recommends SMB marketers first think about their goals for mobile campaigns and use SMS texting to reach the most compatible mobile handsets in the U.S (around 88%). He cautions marketers not limiting themselves to iPhone owners with a potential audience of only 3% of the U.S. market.

Using the Weather Channel’s mobile website program is another alternative for SMB’s to target specific mobile audiences by geography, weather conditions and segmented audiences.

Mobile marketing offers multiple paths or sub-channels that are synergistic: SMS, MMS, email, voice, Bluetooth and the mobile Internet. Multichannel marketing tied to marketing objectives frequently enhances brand image  and marketing effectiveness.

Using Mobile Websites for Marketing

Mobile marketers who want to develop their own mobile websites need to consider the major differences between the mobile Web and desktop Internet. In mobile, they’re thousands of platforms to support: mobile handsets, operating systems and mobile browsers. Unlike the traditional Internet, marketing through mobile channels is more challenging.

Once markets launch mobile websites, promoting them through traditional and digital channels critical to effectively boost traffic. Company websites, newsletters, emails, blogs and other media channels are powerful tools to draw users to mobile websites. Advertising campaigns and partnering with mobile ad networks also draws more traffic.

Mobile Marketing Prospect and Customer Lists

List development in mobile is very different from traditional methods. Marketers can’t buy or sell mobile lists. Marketers must generate their own lists through short code texting and promotions.

Obtaining mobile user agreement to receive news and information by opting-in to lists further fosters  stronger customer relationships. Mobile lists increase a company’s competitive advantage and are marketing assets to businesses.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Michael Becker encourages B2B marketers to offer incentives, alerts and relevant information to engage customers. Initial contacts on a mobile phone, for example, encourages users to look for more information on company websites or through email.

As mobile marketing becomes more service-driven, companies can send mobile alert updates, such as sales quotes, systems status and company news, to their customers.

Imagination and “co-creation” with consumers help marketers launch desired customer services and promote customer feedback about the value of services. Mobile marketers can then adjust programs and campaigns to better meet customer needs.

Likewise, click-to-call links placed in text messages, making it easier for customers to reach company call centers and better leverage marketing assets.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

In the podcast interview, Michael talks about a mobile phone-enabled goat herder in Kenja. The goat herder, using a mobile device, conducts his business with a mobile phone. If someone steals his mobile, he can easily replace it. Throughout the developed and developing world, mobile commerce is rapidly growing.

The future of mobile, according to Michael Becker, is a global marketplace of diverse networks, mobile devices and multiple ways for consumers to interact with brands.

Listen to part two of this informative mobile marketing podcast with Michael Becker.

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