Mobile Website Design & Hosting Boost Local Commerce in 2012

Mobile website Design and Hosting

Mobile website Design and Hosting with MoFuse CEO Annette Tonti

As an over-stressed business person–perhaps a 16 hour a day entrepreneur–mobile website design and hosting are probably low on your totem pole. But your business depends greatly on adopting mobile best practices, including launching a mobile site.

Everyone’s talking about the mobile Web. Everywhere you go, people pop out smartphones and tablets. Mobile users view their handsets as indispensable. They keep their mobiles close to them 24/7. Mobile phones have changed human communication more than any other medium of this century.

Business owners who believe they can wait to mobilize are greatly mistaken. The world has already turned to mobile devices as the primary communications device. Due to the desktop Internet and smartphones, users’ quality expectations have also risen.

Your competitors realize the power of mobile, especially its effectiveness in local search advertising.  Can you avoid taking the plunge?

Mobile Website Design & Hosting Podcast with Annette Tonti of Mofuse

You needn’t convince Annette Tonti of Mofuse, my podcast interview guest. She talks excitedly about the six billion mobile users, 6,000 types of mobile phones, hundreds of browsers and exploding smartphone growth worldwide.

Mofuse and its competitors have positioned themselves for rapid growth in the next two years. Firms marketing a one-stop solution for design, optimization and hosting, like Mofuse, present a compelling case.

Podcast Interview Topics:

  • Why consumers now consider mobile phones a necessity, not a luxury. Likewise, companies want  a mobile presence and believe it’s essential their growth.
  • Users want mobile websites. Each month 366 million people search Google for “How to Build a Mobile Website”
  • Building mobile websites that aren’t “crunched-down” versions of the desktop Internet is critical
  • Importance of considering feature phones, as well as smartphones, is key when designing and creating content and layout. Compatibility with 6,000 mobile phone and tablet types, as well as hundreds of browsers, is necessary. Android and BlackBerry smartphones are especially challenging
  • Page load time, especially with the growth of rich media advertising and 4G networks,  has raised expectations of the mobile experience. (Mobile handsets are now as powerful as desktop computers.)
  • Concurrently, Google, Yahoo and others are pushing for a fast desktop Internet and standards that improve mobile broadband performance
  • Why user easy of use when navigating a website is critical. Mobile website design and hosting companies need to offer full mobile management services: design, optimization and hosting
  • Mobile websites will reach 25 million in 2012, while it took until 2001 for non-mobile websites to reach that number. 88% of the Japanese now access the Web each day; 66% in the U.S.
  • Video marketing’s influence in growing as rich media firms like Crisp Wireless
  • Benefits of outsourcing mobile website design to experienced programmers, improving user engagement
  •  Delivering fast auto-detect and switching to mobile sites
  • Correction in podcast: Local search referred to is 50% of mobile search

Further Resources:

Brian Casel, a web designer,  wrote a concise article on mobile website design called “10 key considerations for your mobile Web design strategy. His article covers why you need a mobile website to examples of companies who have successfully built them. Highly recommended.

As mobile websites proliferate, measuring their effectiveness is crucial. Google  added mobile measuring analytics to its site. Marketers can review in-depth information about mobile site visits, demographics, device type and more. See “Can Google Mobile Analytics Save Your Business.”

Note: Mofuse was acquired by The Search Agency in June, 2014.

Mofuse and Annette Tonti

Annete Tonti

Annette Tonti, a seasoned executive with over 20 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, runs Mofuse, Inc. a fast growing mobile content management platform and network. Mobile Marketer named Annette one of its “Mobile Women to Watch for 2011”.

Previously she was Co-Founder and CEO of Bluestreak, an early provider of rich media advertising and online marketing technologies. She holds advanced degrees in computer science and a B.S degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Annette on Twitter: @atonti

[email protected]

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