Tablet Computer Screen Sizes Befuddle Consumers

Tablet computer screen sizes changing

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Tablet computer screen sizes offer more consumer choices

When Steve Jobs said the best size for a tablet computer screen (i.e. iPad) was 9.7″, all the bright manufacturers, especially Samsung, turned their noses up. Secretly, Amazon did the same with the Kindle Fire. Gotcha, Apple, we’ll make smaller screens for consumers who want them.

Heard through the mobile grapevine today….Verizon Wireless and Apple will release a 4G smaller iPad. Movies, graphics and text will stream in front of your tired eyes, until you hit the LTE button to slow down.

And what happened to the ideal tablet computer screen size of 9.7″? Well, we change our minds, don’t we, especially in a hot market like tablets. Amazon’s tablet computer screen sizes may be an answer.

Consumer electronics gadgets are funny gizmos. On the one hand, consumers gaze in amazement at 55″ OLED TV panels. Then they can’t wait to get their hands on thin smartphones with larger displays and light tablets with smaller displays, despite fast battery drain and fickle touch screens.

Years ago, mobile buyers liked tiny flip phone screens for talking and texting. Then, Cingular (now AT&T) released the first Motorola RAZR  at a whopping $500 + two year contract. Faster processors and improved components came to market, encouraging manufacturers to emulate Apple’s iPhone design.

So today it’s nearly impossible to find a mobile phone  without a touch screen, camera, mp3 player, GPS and lots of apps. We call them smartphones not because they’re “smart.” They just have more bells and whistles.

Tablet Computer Screen Schizophrenia 

Yes, folks, manufacturers and carriers are spreading a new disease called tablet computer screen Schizophrenia. Symptoms include  wanting the largest screen size on a smartphone,  blurry vision and finger calluses. Then tablet fever hits. Apple’s loyal customers were first to get the symptoms when the iPad hit the streets. Older  folks–that’s over 40–next bought them, skipping the smartphone craze while jumping quickly to an iPad.

To the dismay of Apple lovers, the evil folks behind Android (Google, Samsung and others) had the gall to produce a smaller tablet computer screen. And Amazon took the prize with its  7″ Kindle Fire.

Confused consumers stared at their choice of screen sizes, decided to try Android, causing Apple’s tablet market share at the end of 2011 to drop to 68%. Any consumer electronics company would do cartwheels over 68%. But Apple likes to win in its markets. So…good luck Verizon, 4G and smaller iPad.

Mobile Device Market Unlike Any Other

For years, auto manufacturers changed their branded car designs around every 4-5 years. This avoided unhappy buyers complain a year later they bought the “old” model. A new model would make their neighbors sneer at their poverty. The same is true of most durable consumer goods from washers to vacuum cleaners. I mean, would you feel embarrassed if your best friend found you using last year’s Kenmore washer?

But mobile and wireless companies change models several times a year. Poor Apple must release new iPad models to compete against newer technology.

So whether you want a 7″, 8″, 9″ tablet computer screen, wait a month. Your local Walmart will probably have it.

Or maybe you’d rather have…

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 32 GB